Sunday, June 7, 2015

Late Spring Distro: All Gone

Just picked up a couple seriously great tapes from All Gone to help up ride out the Spring. Get them in the store

Band Without A Name CS: We were all bummed about the passing of Roachclip. This tape is attempt from most of them dudes to do something “post-roachclip.” Guess it didn’t stick for em. Hell they couldn’t even come up with a band  name. They DID manage a “recording session” and deemed it worthy for wider circulation. Let me tell you, we’re damn lucky they did so. Yeah, there are some of those classic Roachclip flourishes, but these are some confused,  messy dirges, full of barbs, that sometimes bring to mind Los Llamarada and veer into Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads territory.  Get dumb. $7.50 

Blue Suede Platforms S/T CS: Flamboyantly downcast pop featuring tortured sensitive yelpins a’ la the first Frogs record. Like a resurrected Jack Smith fronting a London home recording outfit from the late 70s.  Think this is the second tape from this oddball Liverpool group. Here's hopin for tons more. Absolutely killer.   $7.50