Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Store Update

Just got a handful of Sprot's Summer of Sprot single from the always impressive Wormworm Grasshopper label from way down Tasmania way. Sprot is workings of Brisbane wonder duo Matt Earle (xNoBBQx, Muura, general Breakdance the Dawn tomfoolery) and Adam Park (X Wave). Two kinds of covers on this one, you either get a color collage or a black and white photocopy. Both great. A coin toss determines which you get. Listen Here: Sprot - Summer of Sprot by Wormwood grasshopper And buy here. $8

Also just reactivated the paypal tab for the Garbage and the Flowers Stoned Rehearsal LP over in the store, but if you don't felling like going over there, here's one as well.  If you missed it last year, this is your last chance for redemption. $15