Saturday, November 24, 2012

November Update

In a few days we’ll have a few copies of The Garbage and the Flower’s great Stoned Rehearsal LP for those who missed it the first time around. Keep your eyes on this page, when its gone, its gone for good.

Just in time for the winter freeze we will also have the vinyl debut from Love Chants. Anthony Guerra’s (Black Petal records)new band featuring Michael Zulicki (Albert’s Basement) on guitar and Matt Earle (Breakdance the Dawn) on drums. But don’t think of it like a super-group of happening Australian label execs blasting damaged arena rock or something. These are some delicate, poignant late night numbers to put your head right before bed. If the slower numbers from the third Velvets record got boiled down to their essence, only Mo couldn’t make the session so Lou strong armed a hungover Milford Graves to sit behind the kit. Listen here:

Skirts of Rain by Love Chants