Friday, January 10, 2014

Sacred Product Double 7" Coming Soon

Quemada is unabashedly fond of mass transportation. We can think of no more efficient way for going where you feet can’t get you. Yeah, we know: sometimes its more crowded that it should be, or the trip takes longer than usual due to an accident or malfunction (things that NEVER happen on freeways).  More often it works like you expect.
Sometimes, its downright pleasant. Our lives are stressful enough and taking a bus or a train affords you the ability to get where you’re going without having to make the  thousands of split second, life or death decisions needed to get there in a car (or bike). It’s a modern miracle. Read a book, listen to some tunes, turn off the noggin and stare out the window. Hell, take a nap. You deserve a break.

Sacred Product double 7” before too long.