Monday, June 18, 2012

Quemada Satanic Summer 2012

We have two new ones to help you conduct your summertime activities with the right amount of evil. Expect em in late July/early August. Details forthcoming. Hang tight, friends, Satan IS coming!

First up is the debut single from the Satanic Rockers who take our beloved warm blanket DIY and douse in heavy, vile satanic goop. Imagine Paul Leary taking over lead duties for the Instant Automatons. Your daughters are not safe. Full length before too long on Albert's Basement/Sunshine and Grease/Black Petal/Own Time.......Believe  Satanic Rockers-Eviction by Quemada Records

It seems like its been in the works for forever, but we should also have ready Kitchen's Floor "Live in Brisbane," a 12 inch vinyl edition of the Too Dead to Notice CS, originally released by Negative Guest List in 2010.
The  record captures Kitchen's Floor stripped down to the essentials of Matt Kennedy on the acoustic and Julia Norris on drums (her last show) aided by Andrew McLellan on organ. Its been remastered and includes liner notes for the occasion. Here's a video :

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

XWAVE and GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS on Little Big Chief

Little Big Chief is doing the world a great service by giving the vinyl treatment to some choice sides from the Breakdance the Dawn camp. Got a few in the store. Choice rock and roll rubble-dig in.

xwave - wasted by littlebigchief

Bdtd124 girls girls girls - borsch 2 by breakdancethedawn