Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Update, Part 1

Know its been quiet here in Quemada headquarters, but got we two new records this fall.

First up is a prickly Greymouth 12inch. The duo of Mark Sadgrove (guitar) and Mark Anderson (drums) are a couple of New Zealand expats based in Japan with only a handful of releases to document their decade or so existence. So, we suppose its excusable if you’re not in the loop. The best way to describe them to a neophyte is to image a Back from the Grave band that was weened on Operation of Sonne and fronted by a teenage Robert Ashley. THAT would make some sense. But it doesn’t come close to describing the sound one hears in the throes of a white knuckled fever dream, now does it? Available in the store and elsewhere on November 6th(-ish) and watch this space for Part II of the update....

In the meantime:

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