Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Roachclip "Calmer in this Town" 7" Out Now

Quemada is happy to announce the release of a new single from Detroit’s Roachclip.-the long awaited follow up to their excellent first LP, Discovery Park of last year. On this seven inch the ‘clip have retreated back into the murky garage from whence they were conceived and deliver two sides of primo paranoid psych rock. Imagine Kim Fowley and Bill Direen working out their bad vibes over an old Tascam in a mid-western basement.  The flip pours on some sugar, albeit thick and syrupy-just like we like it.


Have a listen:

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Roachclip Single Out Soon

Quemada is going to be breaking new ground this June by releasing its first domestic record, a single from Detroit's Roachclip. Its been brewing for a while. Look for it in a couple weeks...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sacred Product Double 7inch Out Now

We are thrilled to announce that “Wastex” the new EP from  Sacred Product is now available for purchase in the superior but unfairly maligned double 7” format.  For those not in the know, Sacred Product is the solo workings of Lynton Denovan whom you may know was the main instigator of the Satanic Rockers (that “was” was hard to type).  So what should the Satanic Rockers fan expect from Sacred Product? Nefarious joy and impious happiness, of course! Gloomy doom pop, a guitar workout that follows Jane into Occupied Europe, a mass transit travelogue haunted by the Instant Automatons, and some old fashioned, crispy Satanic grooves.  Old habits die hard. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sacred Product Double 7" Coming Soon

Quemada is unabashedly fond of mass transportation. We can think of no more efficient way for going where you feet can’t get you. Yeah, we know: sometimes its more crowded that it should be, or the trip takes longer than usual due to an accident or malfunction (things that NEVER happen on freeways).  More often it works like you expect.
Sometimes, its downright pleasant. Our lives are stressful enough and taking a bus or a train affords you the ability to get where you’re going without having to make the  thousands of split second, life or death decisions needed to get there in a car (or bike). It’s a modern miracle. Read a book, listen to some tunes, turn off the noggin and stare out the window. Hell, take a nap. You deserve a break.

Sacred Product double 7” before too long.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Distro: Drunk Elk "Oceanus Procellarum" cassette

Well, we were just starting to feel like normal, well-adjusted types around here. Able to make convincing small talk with friends and coworkers. We were even being invited places again.  Yeah, so I guess its a good thing we have a new Drunk Elk tape to knock us down a few pegs. Catchy enough to keep you humming along along but unsettling enough to make you feel like a low life creep if someone catches you listening to it. This is the follow up to the excellent Under Neon Light LP from a while back (itself a follow up from their excellent, cough cough, Quemada single).  The tape comes to us from Dave Elk's new Doctor Guten Tag label. Its in an edition of 50, or so we're led to believe. Of which we have but a very short stack. Listen HERE.

Wormword Grasshopper is going to be giving this tape a short run vinyl treatment soon and there's rumors of even more new Drunk Elk in the works. Looks like we'll be staying in for a while.

Oh, and we have some new Quemada releases in the works for the winter including a record from an, gasp, American group!

Drunk Elk "Oceanus Procellarum" CS

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Distro Part 2

And here's part two...

Cured Pink "Body Body Body" 7" $9.00

After some great tapes, CDrs and a spilt single, Andrew McLellan gets his junk rock clatter on both sides of a record courtesy of the fine Black Petal label. Cured Pink flexes some muscle here in full band mode with songs that herk AND jerk.

Eastlink "Wild Dog" 7" $9.50
Melbourne super group on the rise. Four guitars one riff. Catchy as hell. Full length coming up on In The Red.

Kitchen's Floor "Deadshits" 7" $7.50

Real early recording of these Kitchen's Floor classics. Just Matt on the acoustic and Julia on the drums. Bare bones even by Kitchen's Floor standards. Perfect.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Distro

Quemada is going to be stocking a few choice slabs for your summer listening enjoyment. Keep yours eyes peeled.

First up is the highly anticipated full length from The Satanic Rockers. The boys more than fulfill all the sweet 'n malicious promises of  their chart topping Quemada single.  It took three labels (Albert's Basement, Sunshine and Greece and Black Petal) to compress all the demonic psychedelic goop into its earthly form. Oh, it comes packaged in an adorable screen printed jacket

Satanic Rockers "Fu Kung" LP