Monday, April 3, 2017

Drunk Elk S/T reissue out now

Eagerly awaited vinyl reissue from new label House Rules of Drunk Elk's debut cassette from 2007. Drunk Elk's primordial keyboard period. As equally direct as it is elusive. Utterly surreal and alien in its plainspoken, diminutive majesty.



Tuesday, February 28, 2017

DRUNK ELK S/T reissue on House Rules coming soon

While we had been kicking around the idea of releasing records for a little why, it was this review of Drunks Elk's self title debut tape in Negative Guest List penned by the late Brendon Annesley that kicked our ass into gear. Word is that tape is going to be reissued on vinyl by House Rules Records, which is run by the same culprits behind Goaty Tapes. We will be getting a small stack for the distro that should be available soon. Till then, dig Brendon's review: 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Distro Items from Chemical Imbalance

First update in a while. Just loaded the webstore with some new distro tapes and CDrs from the great and newish Sydney label, Chemical Imbalance. Excellent and varied sounds presented in meticulous constructed packages.  Get them right here in the store.

Here's what you find: 

Jeremy Hegge "Amphibian Noise Songs From Mountains of Kroombit Tops" CS
Gorgeous and engaging amphibious textures from the comfort of your own living room. In the words of the man himself: "as i stood by this pond on my first hot, humid night in kroombit, after a long drive from brisbane, my ears distorted with an intensity i've never experienced before or since due to the sonics of the earth. a band of dusky toadlets, northern banjo frogs, eastern dwarf tree frogs, rocket frogs, cane toads. these are the sounds of the wet season, recorded in february, 2016." 

Vavenge "Vavenge III" CS
Nick Dan (xNoBBQx, Antipan, Galah Galah Galah, etc) and Nicola Morton (Bad Intentions, Life Groove Orchestra, Club Sound Witches, etc) lead a dual synth/coed affected vocal approximation of what pop music might sound on Jupiter. Where the gravity reduces sound to a thick weighty stew.   Anthony Guerra (Love Chants, Mysteries Of Love, etc) drags a bass bluntly through the sludge while Matt Earle's (xNoBBQx, Muura, etc) sampled percussion adds an arrhythmic logic to the proceedings.

The Lost Domain "Blues and the Abstract Truth" CDr
Mournfully heady and spaced out jams on this new live recording from. Beefhart meets Partch filtered through Ayler in Lorrach/Paris.

Two Poor Boys "The Final Session-July 2009" CDr 
The Lost Domain in the duo mode of John Henry Calvinist and Ragtime Frank. Eleven agitated and raving ragers.

The Drunken Boat "Side Show" CDr
Bouzouki-centric improvised anthems where plodding, let the notes just dissolve type groves bubble over into chaos.  Sometimes the repetitive ripples gather into what be called a song in certain circles.

Wardenburger "O5.16" CDr 
Claustrophobic large group industrial grade improv drones from this longstanding Brisbane collective.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The Regler LP is now available for sale in the Quemada store and should soon be making an appearance soon over at Tedium House.

International buyers, copies are also making there way to other shores:

If you're in Australia head to Repressed, In the UK hit up Penultimate Press, Munster has a handle on Spain, and if you're down South America way, Yellow Moon is a surefire bet.

In the meantime crank this except from Regel #6 (techno)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Regler LP Coming Soon

Quemada is excited to announce the release of a new material from Regler.  Regler is the workings of Mattin (Billy Bao and a thousand other projects and collaborations) on guitar and Anders Bryngelsson (Brainbombs) on drums. Over the course of five releases on five different labels, Mattin and Anders had sought to mimic, distill ,and distort a different musical genre using the barest of instruments and the slimmest of guiding principles.  The game is to reduce the genre to a simple rule and the follow that rule without change for however long the release’s medium will allow.  The results are the most maximal and immersive form minimalism we’ve heard in some time. 

So far the boys have undertaken dub, d-beat, free jazz, noise core, harsh noise wall and classical music.  This new LP on Quemada tackles techno and drone with the help of Henrik Andersson on bass.  The results for both are as meditative as they are disorienting.  Techno (Regel #6) sounds like a recording made just outside the club played back at top volume in a padded room for an audience of one as the lights gradually fade in and out.  Drone (Regel #7) sounds like a recording the inside of a florescent light bulb played in a metal shack during an ice storm. Beautiful. 

Due out in just a couple weeks. Keep your eyes peeled! 

Check out an excerpt form Regel 7 (Drone):

Friday, November 6, 2015

Greymouth and Sacred Product Now Available

Greymouth and Sacred Product records are now on sale in the store. Go and get em!

Attention sophisticated international types, avoid insane postage from the States:

If you live in Australia, be patient. They will be available at Repressed, Albert's Basement, AG and Eternal Soundcheck.

If youre in Europe, and especially France, Bruit Direct Disques has you covered.

If youre in South America, Yellow Moon in Chile is a rock solid.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Update, Part II

Prepare yourselves for the impending release of new material from Lynton Denovan’s solo project Sacred Product. Our man Lynton has being laying riff damage over Melbourne for years on a single minded mission to blunt the senses and kill the brain cells in bands like the sorely missed Satanic Rockers and current miscreants Assetstripper. All the while, our man has kept up his monumental solo project, Sacred Product.  

And let me tell you, $ A Ride is the definitive Sacred Product record.  Caustic observations that encapsulate the mundane struggle of the  modern man from calling in sick to drunk driving your bicycle into a river.  These are our anthems. Lynton played every damn thing on the record, drew the cover and sacrificed the all goats needed to birth this creature into the world.  Go ahead, call in sick, pull the shades, revel in it.  Available in the store and elsewhere on November 6th.