Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Distro Part 2

And here's part two...

Cured Pink "Body Body Body" 7" $9.00

After some great tapes, CDrs and a spilt single, Andrew McLellan gets his junk rock clatter on both sides of a record courtesy of the fine Black Petal label. Cured Pink flexes some muscle here in full band mode with songs that herk AND jerk.

Eastlink "Wild Dog" 7" $9.50
Melbourne super group on the rise. Four guitars one riff. Catchy as hell. Full length coming up on In The Red.

Kitchen's Floor "Deadshits" 7" $7.50

Real early recording of these Kitchen's Floor classics. Just Matt on the acoustic and Julia on the drums. Bare bones even by Kitchen's Floor standards. Perfect.

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