Thursday, March 7, 2013


Alright folks, we finally have the Love Chants EP all ready to go and just look at em! A wall of Love Chants.  Anthony's paintings affixed by the somewhat steady hands at Quemada headquarters: No two are alike!

Four vaporous tearjerkers cut into twelve generous inches of vinyl. Each one a delicate dagger to the heart. How could you be the same after?
If you're in Australia, you can avoid insane international shipping costs. Copies can be procured from Black Petal, Albert's Basement, Wormword Grasshopper, Eternal Soundcheck and Repressed Records. In the UK hit up Infinite Limits.



  1. is there a shop in germany selling this?

  2. or mailorder in europe? shipping just the one LP is so expensive...

  3. European friends, I feel your pain. US postage rates are ridiculously high. Ain't nothing I can do. So far as mailorder goes, check Infinite Limits in the UK. Should be a little cheaper to get a record to the continent from there.