Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hey everybody, got a couple of Muura singles from the esteemed Albert’s Basement label at a nice price for those interested. If you’re unfamiliar, Muura is Matt Earle who is perhaps best known in the States from xNOBBQx or his work with his indefatigable label, Breakdance the Dawn. Here we are treated with feedback heavy minimalist drones done the old fashioned way, with amps, guitar and a little drum (I think anyway). Real immersive stuff. Like the more sensitive parts of A Handful of Dust, particularly the B side. Geez, that’s a niiiice one. Got a couple with sleeves handmade by Mr. Earle himself and a couple done in the workingman’s Breakdance the Dawn Xerox style (designed by the same Mr. Earle, of course).

Sold Out

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